Mawic.pngMawic is the capital of the southern isles, and is know as The City of Mercy because of an old legend(The Merciful King). It is controlled by the Paladins, and Wizards are segregated from holy people due to the lasting effects of The Great War.


Mawic is near the north coast of the main island of the Southern Isles. Its climate is cool and temperate with average rainfall, and it is surrounded by mixed forest.


Mawic is mainly populated by very religious people and ruled by a holy theocracy. The mages are segregated and have their own part of the city on the northwest corner.


The Temple of Divine Mercy is the centerpiece of the city, standing proudly on a hill in the middle. It is also home to the Priests’ College, where the priests and missionaries are trained.The Mages’ Quarter is home to the Mawic Mages’ Center, a place of learning for mages, and the center of magical authority in the Southern Islands.

There are several inns and taverns in Mawic. The Northgate Inn is near the north gate of the city on the Paladin side. The Goldenrod Inn is located in the Mages’ Quarter right on the main street, next to the gardens. The Lame Goat Tavern is a somewhat shabby institution right next to the east gate of the city.


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