A Layover at Dawnbreak Point

A mace is kind of like a wrench... except it doesn't fix things.

Excerpt from Taranus’s Journal
Today we finally reached solid land for the first time since that tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Our ship docked at the small port town of Dawnbreak Point to resupply, and we had a few hours to kill. Jebediah was feeling sick and remained behind, and Aaron had gone off somewhere alone, so I went with Kuemme to explore the town.
I had been to Dawnbreak Point once before- it was where I departed from on my journey westward. Even though that was apparently 200 years ago, it feels like a few months ago to me. The town hasn’t changed much in that time, other than looking quite a bit older. Kuemme stopped to pray in a park near the docks while I stood nearby. Suddenly, two men approached us and demanded our gold! We were more than a match for them though. The fight was soon over. Unfortunately, it appeared that the men really did need some gold, as they were each only carrying a single copper piece…
After the skirmish, we returned to the ship. Jebediah and Aaron were there when we returned, and we embarked on the final leg of our journey to Mawic.



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