The year is 24, of the Second Age. The world of Ellomband is still recovering from a war that almost tore the entire world apart.

Our adventurers were last seen in their homes in 1E 692. Ten years later, in 1E 702, The Great War started, ravaging the world for nearly 200 years. At the end of 1E 895, the two sides made peace, thus starting the Second Age. Unbeknownst to the people of Ellomband, the war was started by a dragon. Not just any dragon, mind you, but the greatest dragon of them all. Morgeth. The Lord of the Dragons. He fed on the bloodshed spilled from the war, each death making him stronger. By the end of the war his power was stronger than any being could imagine. When the continent of Ayrelae sank-see the page on The Great War- Morgeth was filled with power, as almost all of the elves died at once. The power was so much for him that in his blind rage he created a whole other dimension for him to reside in. It is from here that he controls his minions, and plans to amass enough power to allow him control of everyone in the world.

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