The Beggar

Mysterious Beggar Who has Some Sort of Magical Power


Old, cloaked, slightly hunched over, uses a staff to walk.


First appearing to our adventurers on a forest path outside of their camp, he asked the party for a few coins, to which they lied about having little money. In fact, they had 15g. So the beggar sent the two to a ruined city, where they were confronted by a large snake, many little snakes, and a few orcs that tried to kill them. After the two defeated these monsters, the beggar cackled manically, and vanished. The duo then found themselves back at the path, and the beggar was no where to be found.
Later while Taranus and Jebadiah were searching for food, the beggar appeared again, and thrust his exposed undercarriage at the adventurers, which was highly disturbing, and then proceeded to disappear again. He then reappears when the adventurers arrive at the city of Mawic, helping them with their quest, and again, being indecent.

The Beggar

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