Mighty Dragon Lord, plans for World Domination


Roughly 30 meters tall, when on all fours. When standing, he is 45 meters tall. About 60 meters long, from nose to tail. Tail is covered in incredibly sharp spikes, each about the size of an average human. Spines run along his back, for aerodynamics. Large, white fangs line the inside of his mouth, you can see his teeth even when his mouth is closed. Huge horns jut out from the back of his head, but serve no purpose other than to scare people. His powerful wings allow him to fly at incredible speeds. His legs are larger than a small home. You don’t want to mess with this guy. He has the ability to control large groups of people, but for some reason doesn’t seem to be able to control the four PCs.


His goal in life is to conquer the world, and to control all the creatures that inhabit it. Not much is known about his past, you may have to do more research for that.


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