Excerpt from the Tome of Heroes from the Book titled "The Dominion of Morgeth"

Here begins the tale of four young heroes, the wily rogue Aaron, the wild dwarf Jebediah, the righteous paladin Kuemme, and lastly, the shape shifting elf, Taranus. The four heroes were last seen in the year 692, of the First Age, and reappeared nearly two hundred years later, in the year 24, of the Second Era. In the time they were gone, the world went through what would later be know as The Great War, where the entire continent of Ayrelea sank into the ocean.

First, I shall tell you of Aaron. Aaron’s past was a mystery as he was not very open about it. It was assumed that he had suffered major losses in life that changed his view of life and set him down a path of thievery. He continued to loot anywhere there was money to be stolen, sharpening his skills and gaining quite an infamous reputation, even earning the nicknames “Thief of Shadows” and “The Prince of Thieves”. Some believe that he was chosen for this adventure to redeem himself, to make good for all the stealing he had done. Either way, he knew that if Morgeth controlled the world, he would not be able to continue to do what he loved.

Next, there was Jebediah. He was the typical wild dwarf, loved his ale. He was born a prince, his father was the king of the Dwarves on the island of Ironrock. As he grew, his father saw great potential in the fighting skills of Jebediah, but, alas, Jebediah was rather dumb. He would never be able to rule Ironrock, so his father sent him away from the island, coincidentally in the year 1E 691, a year before our adventurers vanished from the world. After he disappeared, his father was distraught, believing his son died thinking that his father despised him. He was depressed until he died, in the year 1E 812, during a battle in the Great War. His younger brother became heir to the throne, and was a cruel king, who cared little for those that served him.

Born in Laburh, the other human, Kuemme was unwanted by his parents and abandoned in the poor district. The blacksmith (who served double duty as the preacher for the poor district on poor days) took him in. Kuemme was raised devoutly and gained great strength through his work at the forge. He was on his way to learn to be a Paladin when he disappeared.

Lastly, was Taranus He was born deep in the Prystwe Woods and orphaned at a young age. His parents disappeared one day, never to return. He was then found in the woods by a group of traveling ruffians, and taken to be sold into slavery. It was during this time that he discovered his innate magical power to take the form of a large porcupine, and he was able to escape his bonds. He used his gift to learn more about nature from the perspective of both an animal and a human, and lived alone for years in the Betwsy Forest. He seldom ventured near civilization, generally keeping to the trees, only occasionally entering towns. He spent most of his time studying nature, and exploring the woods and the ancient ruins contained within.
After the Paladins began to blaze trails into the Betwsy Forest in search of resources and arable land, Taranus decided to move away to a more desolate location on one of the isolated western isles. Something went wrong on his journey somehow though, and he ended up in a dungeon on the island of Weeley with Jebediah, Keumme, and Aaron, over 200 years later. How this all went down he cannot remember. The last thing in his memory was departing from Dawnbreak Point on the ship The Red Dragon.

These four heroes then continued on to unite against a common evil, Morgeth. And here, begins the story. For real this time.



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