Contrived Story Beginning


The link above will take you to the chat log of our adventure

Excerpt from Kuemme’s Journal:
This morning I woke up in an unfamiliar place. As I looked about and examined my surroundings, I realized that not only was I still wearing my armor (although I could’ve sworn I took it off before falling asleep last night), but that I was apparently imprisoned in a cell. Outside, there was a minotaur opening a cell across the hall and telling the dwarf across the hall that he would soon reside in the minotaur’s stomach. Before the minotaur could follow through with his threat, a man on my row called out that the minotaur should inspect a crack that was forming in the corner of his cell. Forgetting to shut the dwarf’s door, the minotaur walked over to investigate. While the minotaur checked for the crack, the man swiped his keys and locked the minotaur in his cell. Then he freed me and we made our way down the hall away from the cells. In the hallway we encountered and quickly dispatched a few orcs. While my new companions stopped to collect material goods from the bodies of the dirty orcs, I pressed on to the next room. Inside were many, many goblins and orcs. Fortunately, my companions caught up before they could attack. We fought but the odds were not on our side. After we had traded blows for a bit they all turned tail and fled. From behind us came a deafening roar and out from the hallway rushed the minotaur we had trapped earlier. He slammed into the dwarf and we had to work as hard as possible to defeat him. A bright flash of light occurred and a druid appeared in the corner of the room, proceeding to help us. The dwarf managed to lop off one of the minotaur’s arms. The minotaur began to crawl away pleading for mercy, but because he was evil I convinced my companions to finish him off. From there we escaped and made camp in the woods.



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