Arrival, and Departure from Weeley


Excerpt from Taranus’s Journal
Yesterday we arrived at the small settlement of Weeley, which is on one of the western islands. How we all got to this island is unknown. My ship was actually bound for this town originally, but I never actually arrived. Some things seem to remain a mystery. Anyway though, we bought some supplies from a discomforting old shopkeeper who offered to show me a “magic staff” he was keeping in the back room. I politely declined. Taking a job from the villagers, we then took care of some cannibals to help the townsfolk. When we defeated the cannibals, we discovered that they were actually under the control of a terrible dragon lord! We returned to the village and spent the night, and this morning we set sail for Mawic. Hopefully there we can find out more about that dragon.
I’ve never been to a city as large as Mawic, although I was born on The Merciful Isle, only about a hundred miles south of the city. I tend to avoid these large centers of population, but it seems that I shall continue to follow my new traveling companions wherever it may take me.



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